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General Issues:

Can't hear sound on iOS devices
if you don't hearing sounds from our apps on your iOS devices(iPhone,iPad,etc). Here are some things to check.

  1. Mute button on iOS Devices(Note: some apps/games may still play sound even with the device muted, but our app won't)
  2. iPad has special soft-mute button that can be quite confusing

The "soft-mute" button on iPad
There is a special soft-mute "feature" on the iPad that, when turned on will turn sound off on some games, while still allow other apps to play sound (eg. Pandora, Apple Music).
So you have already turned up the volume on your iPad, turned off the mute slider, but still can't hear the sound, this could be the reason:
Swipe up from the bottom edge of the iPad. Make sure you do this from the very edge of the screen. This will open up the Control Center. Find the "soft-mute" button, which should look like a Bell. Tap on the bell to un/mute your iPad.

Lastly, if the mute button had been reconfigured to be rotation lock, it can't be used to unmute.